We build all our exhaust systems in house, utilizing carbon aluminized tubing with your choice of muffler and tips.

 A Wide range of exhaust & muffler products:

 Stock mufflers

 Performance mufflers & complete cat-back systems

4″ & 5″ performance diesel exhaust systems

 Factory replacement & high-flow catalytic converters

We are your one stop shop. Here are a few of the brands we carry in house and information about them.




Manufacturer of performance exhaust systems, mufflers, exhaust kits, racing mufflers, stainless steel mufflers, exhaust accessories and tips for cars, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, diesel trucks, SUV's, and most vehicles. Flowmaster® exhaust systems and mufflers come with that distinctive “Flowmaster® sound” available in mild, moderate and aggressive tones. Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters and Exhaust Headers are now available from Flowmaster, the brand you know and the brand you trust.



Nothing performs better, looks better, or sounds better than MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust. Research and Development Team invests many hours to ensure our products stay competitive and perform the way they should.

Systems feature straight-through flow designs for the ultimate in unrestricted horsepower and torque for big power while maintaining exhaust efficiency.

The internal MagnaFlow muffler is designed of stainless steel perforated core, stainless steel wool, and an acoustical absorbent material -- superior to fiberglass (which many other manufacturers use). No baffles, chambers, or louvers.

No restrictions at all, just straight-through, wide-open performance with a smooth, deep tone, and each MagnaFlow stainless muffler has a highly polished mirror finish for a show car look.

Our systems give a 20% reduction in bends over your O.E.M. system to provide the power you demand.


Call the shop at 813-752-0189 or Email huffsautomotive@gmail.com  for your free estimate.

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